Barbarian is the first troop you’ll get among all troops in Clash of clans. Barbarian is known as a Scottish warrior or sometimes a Viking. Barbarian looks like an angry warrior with a blonde mustache.
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Barbarian has no favorite target. When you deploy a barbarian, he will attack the closest target he gets. But if a barbarian becomes aware of the enemy troops (such as clan castle troops/skeleton traps/king/queen) he will immediately leave his target and attack the enemy troops. After the enemy troops are defeated he will target the closest building he gets from his current position. Barbarians are known as comparatively the best melee unit of clash of clans because of their versatility. Barbarian is the trademark logo of clash of clans.

Barbarian CM


Strength Point

1.Cheap cost

Barbarian costs the second lowest of all troops in clash of clans. From the beginning of this game barbarian is the unit that is used frequently almost every town hall level and a very good troop for the farming bases. Upgrading them in the laboratory however increases the cost, but it becomes more powerful and deals more damage as well as takes a good hit point in advance levels. The cost of barbarians in different levels is showed in the chart below:

Level Training Cost
1 25
2 40
3 60
4 80
5 100
6 150
7 200

2.Low housing space

Barbarian is one of the very few troops in clash of clans that needs the lowest housing space. A barbarian requires only 1 housing space and that’s why one or more barbarian is always used in almost every attack. Both offensive and defensive strategy barbarian is used for its low housing space. Some barbarians are used in a attack to destroy the buildings at the corner of a base (most cases: a builder’s hut) and some of the times used for pulling up the clan castle troops. As like other troops upgrading barbarians will make no changes on its housing space.

3.Training time

Barbarian is the unit that requires the quickest training time in the entire game of clash of clans. It takes 20 seconds to train a barbarian. For that reason most of the players use barbarian along with some archers or goblins for farming base. As barbarians requires less training time than others, a player can easily make his camp full with barbarians in a very quick time and can attack bases every 15 minutes. In multiplayer attacks, barbarians a used widely because of this reason.

4.Good hit points

Barbarian has got a good hitpoint compared to its adjacent troops such as archers and goblins that are used in multiplayer attacks. As barbarian gets upgraded in laboratory it gets more powerful and can take even more damages. The chart bellow shows the hitpoint increase with every level barbarian get upgrades.

Level Hitpoints
1 45
2 54
3 65
4 78
5 95
6 110
7 125

5.Effective with King

Barbarians get an advantage when they are deployed with the Barbarian King and the King receives his Iron Fist ability. This ability works as a rage spell only for the barbarians in the circle and therefore increases the speed and damage of the barbarians. This ability unlocks once the king is upgraded to level 5.

Weak Point


Barbarians has a very little range while attacking. Its range is 0.4 tiles. This is a huge disadvantage for the attacker. Barbarians have to get very close to the target to attack, as a result most of the time they get themselves in the range of a defensive building. As a result the attacker has to use more troops, while archers have a range of 3.5 tiles and can destroy many buildings from outside of a defensive building’s range of the opposition base.

2.Splash Damage

Barbarians do not have a great health to take splash damages. That means a group of barbarians will get a great deal of damage from the defensive building which have area of effect like Mortars and Wizard towers. It is also applicable for the bombs and giant bombs. Instead of placing all barbarians in one place, a player should spread them while deploying.

3.Slow movement

Barbarian has relatively a slow movement speed than most other troops out there. Also barbarian has the slowest movement among tier 1 troops (Barbarian, Archer and Goblins make tier 1 troops). Slow movement is definitely a drawback for barbarians. It got harmed by defensive buildings like mortars for its slow speed, while sometimes archers and goblins can manage themselves to move from that targeted location.


Barbarians can be distracted by the mortar’s attack as it moves them 2 tiles. As a result sometimes barbarians target some other building leaving the previous building destruction unfinished. It also happens with the heroes (king, queen) who are guarding the village. They often distract barbarians the same way.

Another thing is, while barbarians are busy breaking wall, it don’t leave breaking it even if there is another broken wall. It breaks the wall first and then go to it’s next target.


Offensive strategy


Barbarians are great unit for farming. As they cost a little elixir to train, it is good to use barbarians for farming base. Because if you don’t get a good amount of loot from the opposition base, you will lose only a little amount of elixir.

2.Trophy pushing

Barbarians are one of the best choices for pushing trophy to a higher league. Because of its cost and mostly its training time. It takes a little time (20s) to train a barbarian, hence you can fill up your army camp with barbarians with a little amount of time. And when you’re going to push your trophy to a higher league its necessary to raid frequently. You can actually raid in every 15 minutes with a camp full of barbarians.

3.Barch raid

Barbarian and Archer raid (also known as Barch raid) is the most common raid in multiplayer battle. Barbarians are used as a shield and to distract the defensive buildings such as mortar/wizard tower/canon as barbarians have relatively a higher hitpoint than archers. While the defenses are busy with barbarians, archers are used either to destroy the defensive buildings or to loot the resources from storages, collectors and mines. Giants are sometimes used in Barch attack and works with barbarians.

4.Pulling CC troops

Barbarians used widely to test if there is any troop in opposition player’s clan castle. If there are some troops, the attacker uses one or more barbarians to pull them to a corner of the base so that the cc troops can be out of defense building’s range and can be defeated easily.

5.Trap testing

Barbarians are also used to test if there is any trap/bomb in the empty space in the base. This technique is used mostly in the lower bases. In the higher bases this technique is used for checking out if there is any hidden tesla tower.

6.Instead of giant

Some cases barbarians are used instead of giants. A unit of five barbarians requires same housing space as a giant but they can do a huge amount of damage compared to a giant (4 times) and also costs 4 times less than a giant. Although a giant has 25% more health than a group of 5 barbarians, and defensive buildings which uses splash damages (Mortar, wizard tower) can deal a large amount of damage to the barbarians compared to a giant.

7.Take out lone buildings

A single barbarian is used both in clan war and multiplayer battle to destroy a lone building placed at a corner of the base. Most of the cases we find builder huts placed at the corners of a base to prevent a full destruction. The attacker uses a barbarian each for the builder huts to get the 100% of that base.

8.Mortar destroyer

Mortar has a particular property that it can’t attack a troop within 4 tiles of it. If a mortar is not in the range of any other defensive buildings one or two barbarian can easily destroy it.

9.Defeating heroes

Barbarians along with some archers are usually used to defeat the barbarian king and archer queen who are defending the enemy base. Hero attacks single target. Using that strategy a player use to deploy some barbarian in front of King/Queen and while the hero attacks those barbarian, he spreads some archers. Hero remains busy with those barbarians because they are the closest target and therefore archers defeat hero easily.

10.Iron fist

Barbarians are very much effective with barbarian king. Barbarian king gets its iron fist ability once he is upgraded to level 5, and can burst into a rage spell and a huge health gain. He can summon some extra barbarians and all the barbarians in the circle of rage receive a temporary damage and speed increase.

Defensive strategy

1.Clan castle troops

Barbarians are a good troop choice for the clan castle in the war for their high health and low housing space. As they require only one housing space, you can have a large amount of barbarians in you clan castle. And their relatively high hitpoints can help them tolerate a significant amount of damage, while your defensive buildings can attack enemy troops without being targeted by them. Though the new dark spell factory’s “Poison spell” can kill them easily.

2.Reinforcement troops for multiplayer

Barbarians are widely requested for clan castle reinforcement troops in every clan. They are cheap and quick to train, so players use to donate barbarians for reinforcement troops.

3.Defending village

Apart from war and attacking, barbarians are also used to defend village as cc troops. If you want to protect your resources, or sometimes your trophies when you are pushing trophy, just request for barbarians in your clan and you can leave your game unworried.


Basic Status

Preferred Target none
Attack Type Melee
(Ground Only)
Housing Space 1
Training Time 20second
Movement Speed 16
Attack Speed 1s
Barracks Level Required 1
Range 0.4 tiles

Damage,Hitpoints and Labo level

Level Damage per
Hitpoints Laboratory
Level Required
1 8 45 N/A
2 11 54 1
3 14 65 3
4 18 78 5
5 23 95 6
6 26 110 7
7 30 125 8

Training cost,Research cost and Research time

Level Training
1 25 N/A N/A
2 40 50,000 6hours
3 60 150,000 1day
4 100 500,000 3day
5 150 1,500,000 5day
6 200 4,500,000 10day
7 250 6,000,000 14day

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