Giants are one of the most popular troops of clash of clans. Players of almost every level use giants. This is the third unit that is unlocked in barrack.
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Giants are also the first unit you get access to, which targets the defensive buildings first. Giants are also popular to everyone because of its high hit points which can take a lot of damages from the defensive buildings while archers can do their job using giants as a shield. Giants are used as one of the most important troops until town hall level 7. Giants with healer and archers are one of the best attacks up to town hall 6.

Giant looks like a huge guy. Initially they wear a brown tunic with a red belt. They do not have any accessories until level 3. They get iron cuffs and iron knuckles in his hand in level 3 which becomes golden in level 5. Giants undergo a significant change in level 6. It gets a black feather cape and its cuff and knuckles become black as well. In level 7 which is currently max, they get golden chest plate.

Lv1&2 Lv3&4 LV5 LV6 LV7
Giant Lv1&2 Giant Lv3&4 Giant Lv5 barbarian Lv6 Giant Lv6

Giant CM


Strong points


Giant is the first unit that a player gets to use as a shield unit while attacking. The reason is its very high hitpoints. Initially it gets 300 hitpoints which is more than 5 barbarians of same level. As it gets upgraded, it becomes more and more powerful. A max level giant gets 1100 hitpoints which is more than a total of 8max level barbarians. The high health made this unit an essential unit for every town hall level. Giants are frequently used in both farming and wars because of its high hit points. The hitpoints of different level Giants are:

Level Hitpoints
1 300
2 360
3 430
4 520
5 670
6 940
7 1100

2.Preferred Target

Giant is the first melee troop which targets the defense first. This is a significant fact for a new player. Because, farming bases use archers and barbarians to continuously attack on the multiplayer. But with some giants attacks get much easier. Giants attack the defenses as well as soak up the damages while archers and barbarians can destroy the other buildings without being affected. Apart from farming bases giants play a vital role in war attacks. Until you get to town hall 7, giants will be the most important troop for war because of their preferred target. Although balloons targets the defense first as well, but they can’t survive very long because of their low hit points. Giants, healers and archers make a good combination of war attack up to town hall level 6.


Giant costs low compared to other units and its housing space. A level 1 giant requires only 50 elixirs per housing space (250 elixirs for 5 housing space). It is a cheap unit while a balloon requires 2000 elixirs for same housing space as giants. Giants are a widely used unit for every farming base because of its cheap cost. Giants cost gradually increases as they get upgraded to next levels. A maximum level giant costs 3500 elixirs which can be unlocked in a level 10 town hall. The costs of various level giants are:

Level Training Cost
1 250
2 750
3 1250
4 1750
5 2250
6 3000
7 3500


One of the major advantages of giants is its training time. It requires 2 minutes to train a giant which is the quickest training time for each housing space. It takes 20-25 minutes to fill up your camps with all giants. Al though no one uses all giants for either war or multiplayer. But fast training time makes this unit an essential part of farming bases. Archers, barbarians and giants take almost same time to train. And these requires the quickest training time. So most of the players feel comfortable to use these units as their primary unit for farming.

5.Splash Damage

A significant advantage of using giants is, it can take splash damages from the defensive buildings like mortars and wizard towers, which can do a great deal of damage to multiple targets. Giant can take a lot of damages because of its high hit points and can survive even from splash damaging buildings. For this reason giants are used very commonly in farming bases. Players use giants to protect their archers, barbarians and goblins from splash damaging buildings. And giants are pretty good at their job!

Weak Points

1.Movement speed

Movement speed of giant is the slowest of any troops in clash of clans. Its movement speed is 12 which is almost a half of an archers movement speed. Slow movement makes giant a weak unit for war attacks. It happens many times when you will see your giants slowly moving to the last building of the enemy base and suddenly you found out that you ran out of time! 12 movement speed is the lowest for both elixir and dark barrack troops. It is the biggest weak point of giants.


Giant has a range of 1 tile which is below average. Though it has got a better range than barbarians, it has got a lot less range than an archer. Range is an important fact for giants because of its slow movement. Its slow speed wastes times as it has to get close to the target to make damage. Also the spring traps which are in front of the defenses are a great threat for giants.

3.Target area

Giants target area is only ground. It’s maybe a good unit for melee attacks but it can not stand before air units. Giants are useless as either a defensive unit or an attacking unit while the enemy has flying units. Because of this reason giants are not used as defensive troops in the clan castle, otherwise it would be best choice for cc defensive troops as they have got a load of hitpoints.

4.Housing space

Giants require 5 housing space which is pretty large for primary level players as they do not have good army capacity. 20 giants with 5 housing space costs you a total of 100 spaces while you can have at most 200 camp capacity until town hall 9. And if you take 2 healers with these giants it will cost 30 more. 70 archers or barbarians with 20 giants are probably a good army for finishing up base if you can destroy the defenses. But not every time you can do that because of the traps which can sprung your giants, the air defenses which can shot down your healers. So, housing space of giants is really a weak point of this unit.


Giants are helpless in front of spring traps. No matter if it is a maximum level giant, a single trap can blow him up. It’s a disastrous situation for lower level players when a group of giants triggers a spring trap. Giants can’t run away from traps because of its slow movement and that’s why they get caught by the spring traps easily. But they are effective in front of bombs and giant bombs.


Another weak point of giant is its damage per second. It got a very low damage per second compared to others. Only dark barrack troop golem got lower DPS than giant. A level 1 giant has only 11 DPS while a level 1 archer has 7 DPS but requires 5 times less housing space than giant. Upgrading giants on laboratory makes their DPS high but still not enough compared to other troops. The changes of DPS of various level Giants are:

Level Damage per Second
1 11
2 14
3 19
4 24
5 31
6 43
6 50


Offensive strategy

Giants are very much useful as well as effective troop for farming bases. Camp full of Giants and archers is a good raid strategy for a farming base. Giant goes for the defensive buildings while archers take away everything. Giants cheap cost and high hitpoints allow them to use as meat shield while you can use some archers or wizards as high damaging troops to take the loots from your opponent. Keep in mind that giants have very low damage per second. So it will be much more effective of you deploy some wall breakers to make the way of your giants. The biggest problem of giants is the spring trap. So you’d probably like to deploy a couple of giants first and then deploy them in a group so that their combined damage will make an impact to the defense

Another raid strategy is to use giants with one or more healers. But you have to be careful of air defense. Besides their slow movement and low damage will probably don’t give you the 100% of your opponent base.

Giants are better option than barbarians to pull out the clan castle troops. Because of their high health giants can make all the troops get out of the clan castle. But a single barbarian can be defeated even before getting to the clan castle range. But giants do not count CC troops as defensive unit. They goes for the defensive buildings first. So always remember to clean up enemy clan castle troops before you use your giants to destroy your enemy base.

Giants are one of the most used war troops up to town hall 6. They’ll have 2 units that targets defense first. One is the giant and other one is balloon. But level 3 balloons hardly survive in front of air defense. So giants along with some archers and maybe a healer will be the best troop choice for you in the war until you unlock Dragon in your barrack in town hall level 7. Also Town hall 10 players also use maxed giants in wars.

Defensive strategy

To get yourself covered from giant’s attacks you should try to use the weak points of the giants. You can design your base with strategic gaps in your walls. The artificial intelligence will guide you enemy giants to enter into the base using those gaps. You will fill up those gaps with one or more spring traps.

Giants are relatively weak in front of multiple defensive buildings. So design your base in such a way that a defensive building is in the range of other one.

Giants are not a good defensive unit to use as war CC troop. They can only attack ground unit and also have a low damage. Though many players still use them as cc troops in war, because of health and slow speed. Their slow speed can be useful to kill your opponent’s time and high health will give your defensive buildings more time to defeat the enemy troops.


Giants are also the first unit you get access to, which targets the defensive buildings first. Giants are also popular to everyone because of its high hit points which can take a lot of damages from the defensive buildings while archers can do their job using giants as a shield. Giants are used as one of the most important troops until town hall level 7. Giants with healer and archers are one of the best attacks up to town hall 6.

Basic Status

Preferred Target Defenses
Attack Type Melee
(Ground Only)
Housing Space 5
Training Time 2min
Movement Speed 12
Attack Speed 2s
Barracks Level Required 3
Range 1 tiles

Damage,Hitpoints and Labo level

Level Damage per
Damage per
Hitpoints Laboratory
Level Required
1 11 22 300 N/A
2 14 28 360 2
3 19 38 430 4
4 24 48 520 5
5 31 62 670 6
6 43 83 940 7
7 50 100 1100 8

Training cost,Research cost and Research time

Level Training
1 250 N/A N/A
2 750 100,000 1day
3 1250 250,000 2day
4 1750 750,000 3day
5 2250 2,250,000 5day
6 3000 6,000,000 10day
7 3500 7,000,000 14day

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