Clash Of Clans: Introducing Town Hall 3 farming base

In the earlier article we showed you guys how to start COC with a modest way without wasting gems and to upgrade defenses as well. But actually town hall 1 and 2 will be a piece of cake for you as you’re probably not gonna be attacked by any of those multiplayer bases. But town hall 3 is the level in which you’ll actually start the real game with a lot of multiplayer attacks.
update 13/08/2015

Town hall 3 is literally an important level of coc because in a TH 3 base, you can rebuild your clan castle, join in a clan and exchange troops or even participate in a war! You’ll also have a laboratory in where you can upgrade your troops with elixirs and make them even more powerful. You’ll have 2 army camps in town hall 3.

Maxing them out you’ll have 70 troops capacity. You will also get a mortar in this level.

First thing you should do is repairing your clan castle and joining a clan. I’ll recommend you to join a level 5 clan. A level 5 clan has the power to upgrade the donated troops to 1 level+, and also you’ll be able to request for troops every 15 minutes. So as soon as you rebuild your clan castle you can go to the global chat, you’ll find many clan recruiting members. Join in a level 5 clan. I will recommend you to request for balloons and attack the bases who don’t have an air defense in multiplayer. It will be very easy for you to take all of the loots with your barbarians and reinforcement balloons. All you need is to destroy the archer tower with some barbarians and then use balloons for destroying mortar and cannons. After all those defenses got destroyed, deploy some more barbarians and take those loots. But if you don’t get balloons every time, go for giants or barbarians. The thing you should keep in your mind is, Do not push trophies! Keep them between 300-500. Because in a higher trophy range you’ll find tough opponents.

After the builder finished repairing your clan castle (it will be done instantly) you should use him for building the laboratory. Though, you’ll not have enough Elixir capacity to start researching in the Laboratory. You should upgrade your Elixir capacity up to 25,000. Upgrading Barbarians to level 2 is the first research you’ll do for a good farming base. You should always keep researching troop upgrades, because this will take the most of your times, however researching on laboratory will not require builders to be busy. After the laboratory is finished constructing, you should look forward for upgrading your army camp and then defences. Upgrade them to maximum level.

For farming your base in a good way just make 70 Barbarians and attack multiplayer bases. You should remember that 70 Barbarians cost 25 Elixir each will need 1750 Elixir. As long as you steal at least 1750 Elixir, you will be able to sustainably farm.

Use your another builder for upgrading mines and collectors. It is important that you’ll upgrade your mines and collectors because from this level you’ll find that upgrading walls, researching troops require a huge amount of golds/elixirs. So if you think you can upgrade everything only using multiplayer loots, it will be a big mistake. Right after you max out your defences you can look forward to the next town hall which is level 4. Keep one builder busy with upgrading town hall to level 4 while other one will work for upgrading your collectors.

For town hall 3 base design you can take a look on this video:

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