The Archer is the second unit and first ranged unit you get access to in Clash of Clans. Despite having low hitpoints and dealing only moderate damage, it makes up for it with its range.
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Archer summary

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The archer is the second unit you get in the barrack in clash of clans. But it is the first ranged unit you get. However archer got a low health (hitpoint), its range of 3.5 tiles makes it up for you. Archer is also the first female troop of five troops you get in clash of clan. An archer looks like a sharp eyed warrior wearing a green dress and a leather belt attached with a small pouch.

She wears a cap and a arm band on her upper arm. She also has a quiver and a bow in her hand. Archer is very much useful to destroy the buildings over the wall because of its range.

Archers have no preferred target, they just attack the closest target they got. But if they aware of enemy troops , heroes or skeleton trap in its range, it goes straight to them. Once they defeat them they proceed to attack the nearest building to their current location.

Archer Point

Strength Points


Archer is the first and the only tier 1 unit that is ranged. The range of 3.5 tiles makes this unit the most favorite and default unit of most of the players. Despite of having low health, it’s range covers it up. It has relatively low damage and its damage per second is the lowest of tier 1 troops (Barbarian, Archer and Goblin). But the power of attacking over the walls makes this unit a significant unit of any town hall level. Archers are hugely used in multiplayer to take the loots from opponent’s storage/ collectors/ mines because of its range. Also players who are pushing their trophy to a higher league uses archers more than any other troops because using archer, it is very much easy to destroy some buildings without being in the range of a defensive building and get 50% of a base.


Archers cost a little compared to most other troops of clash of clans. Archer is a very good unit for the farming bases from the very first level of this game even to the highest levels. Upgrading them in the laboratory gradually increases the cost, but it becomes more powerful and deals more damage and get good health in advance levels. Level 5 Archers are many times more durable than their predecessors, gaining enough health by level 5 to survive getting hit by a level 4 Mortar. The cost of archers in different levels is showed in the chart below:

Level Training Cost
1 50
2 80
3 120
4 200
5 300
6 400
7 500

3.Housing space

Archer requires the lowest housing space like other tier 1 troops. An archer requires only 1 housing space and mass archer attack is very much common in multiplayer attacks in clash of clans. In both offensive and defensive strategy archers are used for the low housing space it has. As it only needs 1 housing space you can fill up maximum level army camps with 240 archers. If clan castle reinforcement troop counts, you can take 35 archers extra. 275 archers are good to take a base with a good amount of loots. Sometimes archers are used in an attack to destroy the buildings at the corner of a base and some of the times used for pulling up the clan castle troops.

4.Target area (Ground and Air)

One of the most amazing thing about archers is, she can attack both ground and air units. This is a significant advantage for such a low costing tier 1 unit. It’s target area makes this unit the most used troop of clash of clans. It is used in replacement of barbarians to clear out the cc troops because if the opponent got air troops like balloon, dragon or minion archers can effectively shoot them down because of its versatile target area.

5.Movement speed

Archer is a tier 1 troop which got an above average movement speed. Having 24 movement speeds makes her a good unit. Archers can help you destroy an isolated building and get you 100% of that base where most of other troops will fail to do it. Many times you will face such situation when you’re definitely going to feel the need of an archer. The movement speed is therefore a plus point of archer.

6.Training time

Archer is the unit that requires the 2nd quickest training time in the clash of clans. It takes 25 seconds to train an archer. Archer is used in farming bases and multiplayer attacks with some barbarians as a shield because of its quick training time. One can easily fill up his camp with all archers in nearly 20 minutes. Its low training time makes it a widely used unit in multiplayer attacks.

7.Archer Queen

Archer queen is a hero in clash of clan which you can unlock once you reach to town hall 9. Archer queen gets its ability that is known as Royal Cloak Ability once she got upgraded to level 5. Royal cloak ability makes an Archer Queen become invisible for a limited time and so that the defenses stop targeting her. This ability also gives her the power to summon some other archers as reinforcement and gain some health as well as extra damage.

Weak Points


The biggest weak point every player finds with an archer is its hitpoint. Archer has a bellow average health. It can barely survive any combat. An archer can be defeated by only one shot of a similar level defense. The hitpoints of various level archers are somewhat like this:

Level Hitpoints
1 20
2 23
3 28
4 33
5 40
6 44
7 48


Archers do not have a good damage per second compared to other troops of clash of clans. Archer have the least damage per second of its tier 1 troops i.e. Barbarians, archers and goblins. Low damage power makes this unit a little slower for destroying buildings. But researching in the laboratory makes archer get an average damage per second. Damage per second of various level archers are given below:

Level Damage per Second
1 7
2 9
3 12
4 16
5 20
6 22
7 25

3.Splash Damage

Like other tier 1 troops, archers are also a very weak unit in front of the defensive buildings which deals splash damage. A group of archers can not survive from a single shot of a same level Mortar or two shots of a Wizard tower. It makes this unit to be guarded by giants or barbarians to take those damages. Because a group of archers maybe a good way to take away other buildings, but when they come close enough to a mortar or a wizard tower they are good for nothing.


Like barbarians, archers are also become distracted by a low level mortar’s attack and it moves them 2 tiles. Sometimes this makes them to target some other building leaving the previous building destruction unfinished. It also happens with the heroes (king, queen) who are guarding the village. Another thing is archers do not have a favorite target. So she attacks whatever enemy buildings they got in front of her. A favorite target would make this unit more powerful.


offensive strategy


Archers are as great as barbarians for farming. As they cost only a little elixir to train, archers are used very frequently in farming bases. They cost a little to train, they got ranges, and they got air and ground targets. It’s like the best choice for a farming base. If you don’t get a good loot using a archer raid, you’ll lose a little amount of elixirs from your storage.

2.Trophy pushing

Just like barbarians, archers one of the best choices for pushing trophy to a higher league because of its cost, its training time and its range. It takes a little time (25s) to train an archer, so that you can fill up your army camp with archers with a little amount of time. You can raid with archers in nearly every 20 minutes. And it’s important to raid as many as you can when you are pushing trophy to a higher league.

3.Barch raid

Archers are the most important unit for a barch raid. Barbarian and Archer raid (also known as Barch raid) is the most common raid in multiplayer battle. Barbarians are used as a shield and to distract the defensive buildings such as mortar/wizard tower/canon as barbarians have relatively a higher hitpoint than archers. While the defenses are busy with barbarians, archers are used either to destroy the defensive buildings or to loot the resources from storages, collectors and mines. The range and movement speed of archers play an important role in this attack. Archers destroy resource buildings from a far distance while barbarians are used to take those damages.

4.Pulling CC troops

Archers are often used to test if there is any troop in opposition player’s clan castle. You can use one or more Archers to pull clan castle troops to a corner of the base so that the cc troops can be out of defense building’s range and can be defeated easily. Archer’s range gives a good support here because if you put any other unit they will probably get targeted by the defensive buildings and probably defeated even before the clan castle troops leaves the castle. So, archers should be used here to pull out those cc troops.

5.Defeating heroes

Archers along with some barbarians are usually used to defeat the barbarian king and archer queen who are defending the enemy base. Hero attacks single target. Using that strategy a player use to deploy some barbarian in front of King/Queen and while the hero attacks those barbarian, he spreads some archers. Hero remains busy with those barbarians because they are the closest target and therefore archers defeat hero easily. Archers range here also plays a vital role.

6.Royal cloak

Archers do a great job with Archer queen. Archer queen is an eagle eyed warrior who uses a modified crossbow(x-bow) and can attack both ground and air targets. Once she upgraded to level 5 she can summon some archers and can be temporarily invisible and untargeted by defensive buildings. She has 5 tiles range which is very much cool to attack with. Archers along with queen and a healer can take even a town hall 8 base. Her long range helps the player to take away the resources and helps the healer not to get targeted by the air defence.

Defensive Strategy

1.Clan castle troops

Archers are one of the best troop choice for the clan castle in the war for their target area (ground and air) and low housing space. As they require only one housing space, you can have a large amount of archers in you clan castle. And their range of 3.5 tiles can help them to attack opposition troops being inside the wall. The enemy troops will struggle to destroy the walls and your archers can defeat them being inside the wall while your defensive buildings can take care of rest of the enemy troops. The new dark spell factory’s “Poison spell” can kill them easily, but however archers are good for clan castle troops.

2.Reinforcement troops for multiplayer

Archers are the most requested unit for clan castle reinforcement troops in clash of clans. They are cheap and quick to train, they are good with attacks and a group of archers are very good at the battlefield.

3.Defending village

As like as the war base archers are also used to defend village as cc troops. Using the same strategy archers can protect your resources while you are not in the game. Apart from that you can use them while one of your defensive buildings is under construction or upgrade. As you know upgrading a defense makes it stop temporarily, you can just put your clan castle on that location and fill it up with archers. They will take care of your village.


basic status

Preferred Target none
Attack Type Ranged
(Ground & Air)
Housing Space 1
Training Time 25second
Movement Speed 24
Attack Speed 1s
Barracks Level Required 2
Range 3.5 tiles

Damage,Hitpoints and Labo level

Level Damage per
Hitpoints Laboratory
Level Required
1 7 50 N/A
2 9 80 1
3 12 120 3
4 16 200 5
5 20 300 6
6 22 400 7
7 25 500 8

Training cost,Research cost and Research time

Level Training
1 50 N/A N/A
2 80 50,000 12hours
3 120 250,000 2day
4 200 750,000 3day
5 300 2,250,000 5day
6 400 6,000,000 10day
7 500 7,500,000 14day

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