The Goblin is the fourth unit in the barrack you get access to and the last tier 1 troop in Clash of Clans. The appearance of a goblin is like a small, green creature with large ears and a red-tipped nose. The Goblin wears brown pants and shoes.
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Goblin carries a large sack on his back, which is used for carrying the resources stolen from the opposition base.

Goblin is the only unit which’s favorite target is resources. Goblins are the fastest ground unit in clash of clans. Goblins usually deal high damages but they deal even higher damage (x2) to Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drills, and resource storage buildings. For these characteristics, Goblins are well-suited for farming.

Though goblin attacks resource buildings as their priority, they will never attack clan castle and town hall as their favorite target, even if these buildings contain loots. Nor they deal double damage to them. They will destroy the resource buildings first and then they will become like any other regular troop without a favorite target and starts attacking the nearest building.

Goblin CM


Strength points

1.Training time

Goblin needs relatively a short time for training than most other troops of in clash of clans. It takes only 30 seconds to train a goblin. Though goblin takes the longest training time of any tier 1 troops, you can fill up your army camp with all goblins in not more than 25 minutes. It is a good advantage for the farming based players because they use Barbarians, Archers and goblins for resources, and the fast training time of tier 1 troops helps them a lot!

2.Training cost

Like the other tier 1 troops (Archer and Barbarian) Goblins are also require a little elixir to train. The low training cost makes them easy to train even when you’re running out of resources. You can train 40 to 50 level 5 goblins with only 4k-5k elixirs. But what they can give you in return is a big amount of loot. Initially goblins cost only 25 elixirs to train. Its training cost gradually increases with every level upgrade. The training cost of goblins in various level is like:

Level Training Cost
1 25
2 40
3 60
4 80
5 100
6 150

3.Housing space

All tier 1 troops require one housing space for each. As goblin is a tier 1 troop it also requires 1 housing space. Low housing space gives you the opportunity to make a good amount of goblins and take them to the battle. It also helps you to make some other troops like barbarians of giants along with goblins so that they can protect the goblins by taking the damages.

4.Movement speed

Goblins has the fastest movement speed of all ground units in clash of clans. They are the only unit that is known faster than a spring trap. Goblin’s movement speed is 32 which is the highest. Only minions have this movement speed. The movement speed of goblins made this unit an important unit to be used. Goblins are so fast that it can expose the bombs and spring traps without being effected by those. If a goblin run over a spring trap the trap will be triggered but the goblin will run away being unaffected. But it will not work while you deploy a group of goblins. The first one of the group will release the trap and run over it but will cause the other to be pulled by the spring trap.

5.Preferred target

Goblin is the only unit in clash of clans which’s preferred target is resource buildings. This particular characteristic made this unit a very useful troop for farming bases. When you’re farming, you’ll need a lot of resources. But you can’t depend on the collectors and mines. So you got to raid other bases in the multiplayer. And that’s the time when you’ll need these small creatures. They will go straight to the resources and do your jobs as you say.


Goblins deals a great damage to any buildings. And when those are resources, they will deal twice as they deal to a normal building. High damage power made goblins a good unit not only for farming but also for trophy pushing. As goblins get upgraded into the laboratory the gain even more damage per second. DPS of goblins in various level is:

Level DPS
(Damage per Second)
Resource Buildings
1 11 22
2 14 28
3 19 38
4 24 48
5 32 64
6 42 84

Weak Points


Goblins has a bellow average health. Low health makes goblin defeated very fast. Because of low health, goblins are not a good choice for combat. They can’t survive from Heroes and defensive buildings attacks. Hit points of goblins of different levels are:

Level Hitpoints
1 25
2 30
3 36
4 43
5 52
6 68

2.Splash Damage

As like other tier 1 troops, goblin’s greatest weakness is splash damaging defenses. Most wizard tower and Mortars can defeat goblins with only one shot. To avoid this, you should deploy goblins in wave rather than deploying all at once. Or you can use some Giants in front of them to take those damages.


Goblins has a little range while attacking. It has a range of 0.4 tiles. For that reason goblins have to go closer to the buildings to destroy them. But most of the time they got themselves targeted by the defensive buildings while deployed. Hence you have to use giant or barbarians to protect goblins.

4.Target type

Goblins prioritize resource buildings. Some of the times it’ll make you weaker. Because if there is any clan castle troops inside the enemy clan, goblins will not attack them as long as they’re not done destroying the resource buildings. Same thing happens when the Archer queen or a Barbarian king is in front of them. They don’t attack heroes either. As a result they got themselves defeated by the enemy troops.


Offensive strategy


Goblins are widely used in the clash of clans farming bases. They are known as the best troops for loot. In any higher town hall base, you can’t just depend on your collectors or mines for upgrading your base. You must have to raid other’s villages to get resources. And who doesn’t know that goblins are the best unit to loot the resources?

2.Trap triggering

Goblins are very much effective for trap and bomb triggering. They have a movement speed more than a spring trap and that’s why they won’t get killed by a bomb or a spring trap. They just release the spring trap and run away from that.

3.Cleaning up a base

A good strategy with goblins is if you clear the defensive buildings of your opposition base with Hogs or balloons, you can spread some goblins to clean up the rest of the buildings left in that base. You can use the movement speed and damage per second of goblins effectively with this technique. Taking some goblins will cost a little housing space and helps you to take other troops.

4.Used with barch

The most used barch attack which is a combination of barbarians and archers are sometimes used with goblins. Goblin’s speed, favorite target and damage per second make this unit an essential troop of farming bases and also for barch attacks.

Defensive strategy

Goblins do not make a good Clan Castle unit and sometimes makes your Clan Members irritated. But Goblins are still useful as CC troops. Because of not having any resources to target, Goblins attack the enemy troops very quickly compared to the other troops. They have the highest damage of any of the Tier 1 Troops and hence can engage the enemy troops quickly. They are good at taking out small numbers of Giants on defense.


Basic Status

Preferred Target Resources
(Damage x2)
Attack Type Melee
(Ground Only)
Housing Space 1
Training Time 30second
Movement Speed 32
Attack Speed 1s
Barracks Level Required 4
Range 0.4 tiles

Damage,Hitpoints and Labo level

Level Damage per
Hitpoints Laboratory
Level Required
1 11 22 N/A
2 14 28 1
3 19 38 3
4 24 48 5
5 32 64 6
6 42 84 8

Training cost,Research cost and Research time

Level Training
1 25 N/A N/A
2 40 50,000 12hours
3 60 250,000 2day
4 80 750,000 3day
5 100 2,250,000 5day
6 150 4,500,000 10day

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