Wizards are one of the most powerful ground units. In fact maximum level wizards have the highest damage per second on the base of per housing cost among all troops in clash of clans.
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wizard summary

Lv1&2 Lv3&4 LV5 LV6
Wall Breaker Lv1&2 Wall Breaker Lv3&4 Wall Breaker Lv5 Wall Breaker Lv6

Wizards are magical units wearing hooded cloak, leather belt and golden buckle with matching boots. They shoot fireball or energy blasts which can make huge damage. Wizards are the first troops you’re going to attack with in the tutorial. But they are not the first troop you got unlocked in barrack which are barbarians. You can hear “HAZZAAH” every time an individual wizard attacks. Level 1 and level 2 wizards wear light blue cloak and black beard. They use fireballs to attack. At level 3 they got a purple cloak instead of blue and at level 4 they strikes purple lightening spells instead of fireballs. At level 5 their cloak changes to dark blue and they get a high damage increase. At level 6, which is maximum level for wizards till now, their cloak changes to red-violate in colour and their eyes become yellow. They attack with orange energy blasts instead of lightening spells.

Wizards are one of the best troops for clan castle reinforcement and to guard your village. Their high damage can swipe away many of your enemy troops. But their relatively low health is a turn off. Wizards do not have any preferred target. That’s why they attack the closest building when deployed. They will leave any building and attack enemy troops once they are aware of them.

Wizard Point

Strong Points

1.Damage per Second

Wizards are mostly known for their high damage power. Level 6 wizards have the highest damage per supply among all troops in clash of clans. Wizards are also known as one of the premium troops of COC. Their damage per second is the reason of using them in higher town hall levels. In fact, wizards are mostly used after you’ve unlocked GOLEM in dark barrack. Before that wizards are used behind giants by limited number of players. Wizards are used as destroying unit in GOWIPE and GOWIWI attack because of their damage per second. DPS of various level wizards are:

Level Damage per Second
1 50
2 70
3 90
4 125
5 170
6 180


Wizards are ranged units. As like as archers they have a range of 3 tiles. That’s why wizards can attack from out of the walls without breaking the wall. Its range also helps the player to use them with giants or golems. Wizards are deployed behind high health units so that wizards can use their range to destroy buildings from being covered by those units. Apart from offensive strategy, wizards range helps them to become an effective defensive troop as well. They can attack the enemy from being inside the walls while guarding your village. Enemy troops will be busy breaking the walls and wizards will kill them being covered by your defensive buildings.

3.Splash Damage

As like as wizard towers, wizards can also deal splash damages. Their fireball, lightning spell or energy blast can deal damages to the buildings near the wizard’s target. This splash range is small and maybe effective while the wizard attacks enemy troops.

4.Target Area

As like as archers wizards attack both ground and air targets. And their air attacks are as effective as their ground attack. Wizards can be used to clear enemy cc troops while there is dragon or any other high hitpoint units in their castle. Wizards DPS and its target area made this unit one of the best choices to kill enemy troops.

5.AoE Attack

Wizards do not have a high health. They have the same hitpoint as the archers on the base of per housing cost. But when they are in the range of any AoE building (Area of Effect) like mortars or wizard towers, they can survive from several splash damages. Unlike archers they can soak up 4-5 hits from a same level mortar. Not to mention, their high DPS will destroy the mortar before firing 4-5 balls.

Weak Point


Wizards are one of the costly units of clash of clans. When they are unlocked in barrack it requires 1500 elixirs to train each. Then it gradually increases to 4000 elixir at maximum level. 1000 elixir per housing cost is clearly an expensive unit even in the maximum level. High training cost is one of the main reasons of wizards not being used for farming purpose. Training cost of various level wizards are:

Level Training Cost
1 1500
2 2000
3 2500
4 3000
5 3500
6 4000

2.Housing Space

Another drawback of wizards is its housing space. A wizard takes 4 housing space in your camp. Though their DPS per housing space is fair enough but the main problem is spring traps and giant bombs. Wizards can not survive from any of them. So whenever you lose a wizards it means you lose 4 housing space from the battlefield. Even worse case is when you have multiple wizards at the same place. To prevent multiple wizards from dying, players use to spread them out instead of placing them at the same place.

3.Training time

The biggest reason that wizards are not used for farming is its training time. Wizards take 8 minutes to train each, which means it takes 2 minutes for each housing space. It is probably the longest time for training each unit. Even P.E.K.K.A takes less time (1.8 minutes) to train each supply unit. In higher level town hall bases, where elixir is not a fact wizards could be the best troop for farming. But their training time makes this almost impossible to attack with all wizards in multiplayer bases.


Wizards can survive from several shots of defensive buildings as well as splash damaging units, but when we count its hitpoint for each housing space, wizards are almost as weak as archers. Initially they have 75 hitpoints for 4 supply unit. So it is less the 19 hitpoints for each housing space, which is even lower than a level 1 archer. Upgrading wizards in laboratory gradually increases its hitpoint but still for each housing space they are not better than archers. Having a low health, wizards are used behind Giants or Golems. With high hitpoints Giants/Golems soaks up the damages from defensive buildings while wizards deal massive damage from behind. Hitpoints of different level wizards are:

Level Hitpoints
1 75
2 90
3 108
4 130
5 156
6 164

5.Movement speed

Wizards have a relatively slow movement. It has 65% of movement speed of archers. Though their DPS and range can make up the speed but sometimes you’ll face a situation where you’ll have wizards and an isolated building at one end of the opposition base. You’ll probably run out of time because of slow speed and end up in 99% with 2 stars.


Offensive Strategy

Wizards are high damaging unit. They can be used in every way. They can be used as clan castle reinforcement troop, can be used to guard your village, can be used in war attack, farming purpose for higher level bases even for trophy pushing.

For farming purpose wizards are not used frequently. Some higher level players (th8+) use wizards instead of archers in multiplayer attacks. It is a good technique to attack with wizards and giants sometimes with a healer. Giants are used as meat shield while wizard’s damage deals a hell of a job there. Before using healer keep an eye on the air defense. As you’re using wizards in farming purpose that means elixirs are not a fact to you anymore. In that case you can use a PEKKA to help your wizards.

In war, you can use wizards once they are upgraded to level 5. Before level 5 wizards, you dont actually need them in war. But for maxed out town hall 8 bases, most of the time you can’t get 3 and sometimes 2 with dragons. There are 3 level 6 air defense, 1 air sweeper and some air seeking mine and bombs. And also wizard tower and archer towers are able to shot your dragons down. So you must have to attack either with hogs or with Golems and PEKKA’s. In both attacks wizards play a vital role. In hog attack wizards are used to quickly clean up the rest of the buildings after hogs takes down the defensive buildings. And in GoWiPe attack, wizards are used to take cover behind the Golem and destroy everything while the defenses target Golem and PEKKA. Both of them can take a lot of damages so they can easily gurad wizards so that they can do their job easily.

Wizards are used in war CC troops. They are also used to guard village. Because of their high DPS and Range they can take a lot of enemy troops down and they can attack both ground and air. Wizards are known to be one of the best CC troops. They are also used to be in the castle when you go for multiplayer battle. A group of wizards are a devastating troop.

Defensive Strategy

Wizards are weak against spring traps and giant bombs. So keep an eye on placing them correctly. Design your base in such a way that your opponent will have no idea where the traps are placed.
Whenever you find your enemy castle full with wizards take them to a corner of the base and defeat them. Unless they will defeat your trroops being inside the wall and defensive buildings will make that easy for them.


Basic Status

Preferred Target None
Attack Type Area Splash 0.3 Tile Radius
(Ground & Air)
Housing Space 4
Training Time 8min
Movement Speed 16
Attack Speed 1.5s
Barracks Level Required 7
Range 3 tiles

Damage,Hitpoints and Labo level

Level Damage Damage
Hitpoints Laboratory
1 50 75 20 N/A
2 70 105 24 3
3 90 135 29 4
4 125 187.5 35 5
5 170 255 42 6
6 180 270 54 8

Training cost,Research cost and Research time

Level Training
1 1500 N/A N/A
2 2000 150,000 1day
3 2500 450,000 2day
4 3000 1,350,000 3day
5 3500 2,500,000 5day
6 4000 7,500,000 14day

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