“Is P. E. K. K. A. a knight? A samurai? A robot? No one knows!” This is how P. E. K. K. A. is introduced by supercell.
update 28/08/2015

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PEKKA summary

Lv1 Lv2 LV3 LV4 LV5
P.E.K.K.A Lv1 P.E.K.K.A Lv2 P.E.K.K.A Lv3 P.E.K.K.A Lv4 P.E.K.K.A Lv5

P. E. K. K. A. is the 10th and the last troop to be unlocked in the Elixir barrack. She is one of the 6 female units of this game. Her armour is the strongest among all elixir trained troops. She deals the highest damage and costs the highest of any elixir based troops. P. E. K. K. A.’s training time is the longest training time for any unit in the entire game.

P. E. K. K. A. undergoes significant visual changes in almost every level upgrade. She is one of the two troops that changes visual appearance in every level. In level 1, when you first unlock P. E. K. K. A. she looks like a robotic unit with a dark blue coloured heavy metallic armour with spikes and a sword in her hand. Upgrading them to level 2 their sword gets elixir coloured glow. Her armour colour changes to black from dark blue in level 3. She becomes bigger in size and her spikes turned into blood red in colour. When P. E. K. K. A. got herself upgraded to level 4 she gains another sword and her spikes become pink. In level 5, which is currently max P. E. K. K. A.’s armour changes it’s colour to dark navy and her sword turns into gold. Her swords appear to have pink aura around it and her eyes have a faint pink glow. A level 5 P. E. K. K. A. has exact same health as a level 1 Golem.

Level 10 barrack is currently the maximum level of barracks and in level 10 barrack there is a P. E. K. K. A. head on it’s roof.

PEKKA points

Strong Points


PEKKA has amazingly high hitpoints. She has the highest health among all elixir trained troops in the barrack. PEKKA of level 1, once she is unlocked in the barrack has 2800 hitpoints. Upgrading them in the laboratory makes them even stronger. A PEKKA of level 5, which is maximum level till now, has a hit point of 4500. It is exactly same as a level 1 Golem of the dark barrack. Hitpoints of different level PEKKAs are:

Level Hitpoints
1 2800
2 3100
3 3500
4 4000
5 4500


PEKKA has a very high damage as well. She can destroy most of the buildings with 2-3 hits. Sometimes she can destroy some buildings in one hit. Her damage per second is so high that she can even break high level walls in a few seconds. PEKKA with a rage spell increases its DPS amazingly and can destroy any building in couple of seconds. Usually her slow attack speed is a drawback for her DPS, but rage spell can solve that out. Initially PEKKA gets 240 DPS. But upgrading them will make them up to 380 DPS with 950 Damage per attack.
DPS of different level PEKKAs are:

Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack
1 240 600
2 270 675
3 300 750
4 340 850
5 380 950

3.Splash Damage

PEKKAs high health makes them totally impervious to splash damaging unit aka area of effect towers like wizards and mortars. These defensive buildings deal a lot of damage against any troops or any group of troops. But they can’t make any significant effect on PEKKA Though PEKKA is weak against hidden tesla tower, still they are strong enough to survive from the AoE (area of effect) towers. For that reason PEKKA is used frequently in town hall 8 and 9 bases for war as well as farming purpose.

4.Heavy weight

PEKKA is the only ground unit of normal barrack which is heavy enough to trigger the spring trap and crack them. The armour of PEKKA is so heavy that the spring trap does not work on her. PEKKA triggers the trap and the defender has to re-arm the trap. The most important thing is, once she triggered it, none of your troops will trapped by it, which is good for rest of your troops. Normally wizards are used with PEKKA and spring trap is a problem for them.


PEKKAis one of the premium troops of clash of clans. PEKKA has a range of 0.8 tiles which helps her to fight better than other melee troops. Bombs and giant bombs are also not that much effective against PEKKA Once they are triggered by PEKKA will make the base easier for rest of the troops. PEKKA is a unit which has a great health and a great DPS which is a rare combination. PEKKA deals good damage as well as defends other troops by taking a huge amount of damages. In a youtube video uploaded by one of a clash of clan fan shows that a maximum level PEKKA is capable of defeating a maximum level Barbarian King while other defences are inactive.

Weak points

1.Training time

PEKKA has the longest training time for each unit in the entire game of clash of clans. It takes 45 minutes to train a PEKKA But it is not the longest time for training each supply cost. PEKKA takes 1.8 minutes to train each supply cost while wizards take 2 minutes for each (8 minutes for 4 housing cost). But still training PEKKAs takes one of the longest times, and the reason not to be used in farming purpose.

2.Training cost

PEKKA requires a huge cost for training one. It requires 28000 elixirs which is the highest for a single troop in the barrack. Though if we count the training cost for each supply cost it is not highest, it is still one of the most expensive unit of clash of clans. Upgrading them in barrack will increase the cost. The cost of training PEKKA is relatively high but starting from town hall level 9, elixirs do not matter a lot. The players of town hall 9 and 10 look for dark elixirs and uses PEKKA frequently.
The training cost of various levels PEKKA is:

Level Training Cost
1 28,000
2 32,000
3 36,000
4 40,000
5 45,000

3.Target area

One of the biggest weak points of PEKKA is they are ground troops and can only attack ground units. They are totally useless against any air unit. Even a single minion can defeat a PEKKA without gaining any damage. For this reason PEKKA is not recommended to be used as a clan castle troop to defend any base. Most of the players do not use PEKKA to defend village both war and village base. This is the reason PEKKA is a worst CC troop for an air raid.

4.Weak against electricity

PEKKAs biggest weakness is electricity. Hidden tesla towers which are good against any troops deal double damage to PEKKA’s. The reason was known as the conductivity of her armour. However, lightening spells do not do double damage as they also conducts electricity.

5.Housing cost

PEKKA takes the highest housing cost for any elixir trained troops in the barrack. It takes 25 housing space for each PEKKAin the army camp. That’s why you can have at best 9 P. E. K. K. As in 4 fully upgraded army camps. The number increases to 10 including an extra PEKKAin the clan castle. For it’s high housing cost PEKKAisn’t used frequently in the farming bases. But they are still useful in the trophy pushing and war bases.

6.Movement Speed

PEKKAhas a relatively slow movement than most other troops. Its movement speed is 16. Its slow speed sometimes becomes the reason of not having 100% of a base. Sometimes PEKKAused to attack the buildings outside of the wall and circles the base before entering in the middle of the base. At that times it takes a huge damage and most of the time can’t survive because of slow speed.


PEKKAis a melee unit. Like others PEKKAalso unable to hit troops from a significant distance. Archers and wizards can attack from a good distance and can deal damages to flying units as well. PEKKAdoes not have that much range and also can’t attack flying units as well.

8.Upgrade cost

PEKKArequire the most elixirs to get her upgraded to the maximum level. It’s 24000000 elixirs. Upgrading PEKKAfrom level 1 to level 2 costs 3000000 elixirs which is 2nd highest for upgrading a troop in the town hall 8. Upgrading them to level 3 requires 6000000 elixirs which is the highest upgrade cost in town hall 8. The costs of upgrading PEKKAto various levels are:

Level Laboratory Level Required
1 N/A
2 3,000,000
3 6,000,000
4 7,000,000
5 8,000,000


Basic Status

Preferred Target None
Attack Type Melee
(Ground Only)
Housing Space 25
Training Time 45min
Movement Speed 16
Attack Speed 2.5s
Barracks Level Required 10
Range 0.8 tiles

Damage,Hitpoints and Labo level

Level Damage
Hitpoints Laboratory
1 240 600 2800 N/A
2 270 675 3100 6
3 300 750 3500 6
4 340 850 4000 8
5 380 950 4500 8

Training cost,Research cost and Research time

Level Training
1 28,000 N/A N/A
2 32,000 3,000,000 10day
3 36,000 6,000,000 12day
4 40,000 7,000,000 14day
5 45,000 8,000,000 14day

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