Where should I put Clan Castle on?


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It is very important to keep your clan castle in the middle of your village for both your farming base and your war base.
The clan castle is where your reinforcement troops hide, therefore if it is in the middle of your village, the enemy troops would have to penetrate first before they can lure your troops to march out of the castle.
It will also mean that the enemy will have to deploy several troops to reach the castle’s range in order to trigger the response from troops inside the castle.
This type of defense strategy is very good because attacking troops will find it difficult to destroy your reinforcement troop if they are inside your village because their attention is divided into destroying buildings and attacking your troops.
Putting the clan castle in the middle can also cause time for your attacker in luring them to come out.
Time is very important in battles during clan wars because of the time limit given per attack.
In your war base however, your town hall should be in the centermost part of the base but you should place your clan castle beside it keeping it as close as you can get it to the center aside from your town hall.

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