How strong and helpful is level 6 Giant?


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having 940 hitpoints a level six giant soaks up an incredeble amount of hits.however it is slow in damaging the enemy buildings as it has 84 damage per second.use it with wizards,archers barbarians and volkyrie to deal maximum damage to the opponent
Giants are very helpful troops in both raids and ground attacks in clan war battles.
A level 6 giant has 940 hitpoints, 84 damage attack and 43 damage per second.
Because of the relatively high hit points of giants, they can be very helpful in attacks acting as a shield to other troop with lower hit points but with higher damage per attack such as the wizards or the archers.
Giants target all the defenses first so they are great for distracting all defensive structures while other troops takes care of the rest.
The clan castle is not recognized as a defensive building whether or not they have troops inside, so even if the troops inside the castle as well as the skeleton traps start attacking the giants, they will bypass them as long as there are still defensive buildings remaining.
However, because of its lower damage per attack quality, it is best to use giants in large groups to generate more damage per attack.
The giants are highly vulnerable to spring traps and can be easily lured into a gaps between walls because of their predictability in attacking defenses.
So if you see suspicious gaps between walls, deploy a single giants first to go into the trap to prevent losing much of your giants in the process.
Giants can also be paired with healers.
Drop your giants near the air defenses to take it out first for your healer to be deployed safely.
Use the wall breakers to make giants penetrate the inside fast.
When used properly, giants can be of very much help.

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